One of the best ways to get around Chicago is on their train system, affectionately referred to as the L, due to many of the tracks being elevated above ground. The L has eight lines and 144 stations and can take you to most places in the city of Chicago, including near the United Center and out to the suburbs. Both the Blue Line and the Red Line run 24 hours a day, with the other six lines opening up around 4:00 a.m. and closing down around 1:00 a.m. The exact times vary slightly by line. To pay your fare, you can purchase a reusable Chicago Card, a Transit Card, or a pass good for a day or a week. These cards and passes can be purchased at airports, L stations, or even online. Tickets for a single ride can be purchased from machines in L stations.

Transportation in Chicago near the United Center is also available by bus. The bus network is extensive and covers many of the areas that the L doesn’t reach, with 140 different routes and nearly 12,000 different bus stops available. Some bus routes run 24 hours a day and are referred to as Owl Service. Buses use the same fare system as the L, so you can use your card or pass on both. For single bus rides, you can purchase your ticket directly on the bus.

Another great way of getting around Chicago is by taxi. Taxis are great for when you need picked up and dropped off right at your destination, either because of the weather or because you have your hands full with bags or luggage. Taxis are also a great option for those who are traveling in groups, as well as for late-night transportation.

Instead of a regular taxi, there’s also the option of getting around Chicago by water taxi. Water taxis cruise up and down the Chicago River and are an excellent way of seeing some of the sights while getting to your destination.

Chicago is a very bike-friendly town, with lots of bike lanes and paths within the city and around Lake Michigan. In recent years, the city has stepped up their game with the introduction of B-cycle, a citywide bike-sharing program. You can rent a bike for a few hours, a day, or longer, and then return it to any B-cycle station.